Skills Improvement Services

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Because you want to grow faster.


We transform your staff to support your vision.  

We add value to your B2C and B2B contracts.

Turnaround management

Tender and bid management


Inspection readiness

ISO - TSA - IIP - Ofsted - Estyn

We make you the best you can be. 


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  • The High-Performance leadership team.

  • The Headteacher Performance management.

  • Growing your deputy-head.

  • School audit: Make your school Ofsted/ Estyn-proof.

  • Use data to profile the future, not just report on the past.

  • Expectations and student flight-paths.





  • my sales:

    • new markets

    • new products

  • my productivity:

    • when teamwork increases output

    • reduce costs

  • my growth plan

    • from B2C to B2B

    • tenders

    • exporting

    • the state-sector



Deploy a deliberate plan to meet the competing demands of:

  • regulation (GDPR?)

  • innovation

  • cost reduction

  • effective marketing

  • lean procurement. 


Our project management skills are proven.  They will help you accelerate your growth.





Skills Training


  • Leadership mentoring

  • Management coaching

  • The High Performance workforce

  • Invictusis (R) course





  • Audit: deep dive analysis (Data/ Analytics/ Profiling)

  • Perform: use the power of ISO 9001

  • Transform: get out of your own way.  What got you here will not get you there.

  • Pivot: Consider other types of contracts

  • Grow: Stick to the plan



Contact SIS

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Carms SA34 0TG

Tel: 07809 302217

Daniel Esteve Consultancy Ltd

Company Registration Number: 10640648




  • European market

  • Latin American market

  • Indian market

  • Brexit brings clarity


  • Invictus leadership course (r)

  • Coaching with a purpose

  • Coaching framework

  • Grow over 20 staff and learn new rules

  • From distributed leadership to High Performance Leadership

  • Easy sentences for leaders

  • Fundamentals of  the strategic plan

Local Authority support  (Education)

  • SLAs, impact and value

Categorisation (Wales- Education):

  • The real meaning of green

  • The real meaning of yellow

  • The real meaning of amber

  • The real meaning of red

Quality: Not magic.  A disciplined process.

  • Why ISO 9001:2015?

  • Fundamentals of GMPs

  • Learn the Quality language

  • The best Inclusion policy

  • GDPR


  • Management is good management

  • Desktop audit

  • Management audits

  • Change management: 4 tools that work

  • Agile teams

  • Manging performance


  • The governing body

  • Governors

  • Bond with your difficult leaders

  • Growing people

  • Strand 2 of the DCF (Wales)

  • Engaging parents

  • Improving attainment

  • Personalising independent learning

  • SDP/SER: ensuring data flows the correct way

  • Staff training: should you?

Tenders and bid writing:

  • What is your value proposition

  • What language are you using?

  • Winning the bid

Multiple Academy Trusts (Education)

  • Many good academies do not make a good MAT

  • MAT budget

  • MAT growth

  • Visiting a MAT