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Company's story

After having worked as a sole trader for a while, I started School Improvement Services Cymru.  As I began to do more work with SMEs, the Company became Skills Improvement Services  Cymru.

My Story


  • MFL Adviser

  • ICT Adviser

  • Secondary/ Primary Estyn inspector

  • Director of Learning/ e-Learning

  • Director- large Partnership 

  • Head of Performance & Standards (Quality) in a number of  large FE Colleges in London and Bristol

  • Head of Quality in Consortium

  • Director of SIS Cymru Consultant Services


DBS reference: 00159170216


I have built my career turning institutions and businesses around.  I now spend 60% of my time working with SMEs and 40% with schools, LAs and federations. I also run the Pembrokeshire Rally Club.











Jo is our e-Learning Guru and works hard in the background to make us all look good.  She tracks individual progress on our e-Learning platform, designs multimedia modules and she deals with all the paperwork to ensure customers are kept up to date all the time.







Dave is our lead trainer when working with charities and sports clubs. He also has a huge senior level Police experience training Police trainers for the Home Office so he is naturally involved with all our work with protective agencies.





The registered Company is:

Daniel Esteve Consultancy Ltd

Nbr: 10640648

Invictusis (R): Registered trademark: UK00003251875

Liability: £1m