Education Insights

Coaching framework

A snapshot

Inspections for primary middle leaders

There is a way

Managing poor performance- Guide for primary muiddle leaders

Do not jump the gun

Governors for Primary middle leaders

A resource you must learn to use

A fundamentals guide to governors

2 years old but still relevant when governors are bent on doing well what is not worth doing and ignore what has to be done.

4 change management tools

Easy tools with big impact

Strand 2 of the DCF

Use it to your pupils' advantage

Categorisation: the meaning of amber

Be ready to multi-task

Fundamentals of the strategic plan

When you forget the point of your SDP/ SIP.

From distributed leadership to High Performance Leadership Team

You distribute for a reason.

Improve achievement and attainment

How well do you do the really obvious?

Change management: growing people

Make sure you track how successful you are in transforming and growing your people over time. 

1st 1/2 term behind you: now what?

Plan for more of the same?

Welsh heritage competition

It is on!

Coaching with a purpose

Best form of training

Bond with your difficult leader

Your problem...

Found: Headteacher's spirit

Let me know if it is yours.

Why ask for an ISO 9001 management audit?

After all, if you are not certified you are bound to fail it.

Categorisation: the meaning of green

This is the time when you can shape your future and think strategically and think about long term.

Categorisation: the meaning of yellow

There is really no such thing as a yellow school.

Categorisation: the meaning of red

The real problem with being 'red' is that it allows a lot of external agencies to push initiatives in your school.

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