Business Success Factors

Audit (Business Diagnostic Review)

If you have plans to grow or plan to turn things around, the first step is to carry out a Business Diagnostic Review of your management processes as your perception and reality might not be the same thing.


Make sure you start from a good solid base if you are about to implement change.




Before you start worrying about the rest of the world, make sure that your people work well together and understand teamwork.

Put good systems in place and see your productivity soar.

It does not happen by magic.


Audit done?  Your team is performing?  Now is the time to transform your team by using the transformational power of the right standards.  For this, you will need to focus your attention on your value proposition.


Link your value proposition to quality standards and you will raise the expectations of your whole business.


You need to innovate.

Deploy Agile teams and their Scrum system to create a systematic approach to innovation.  Be ready for your business to pivot from one direction to another.


Now is the time to develop a strategic way forward.

The cash-cow contracts are about adding value to your existing profitable lines.  This will return the maximum for the lowest investment.

But keep focusing on your Agile team and their potential to innovate, disrupt the existing market and maybe take your company in a totally different way forward...

Evaluation framework

When working in partnership with other businesses, the legal structure decides who does what when.  However, at one moment, you will need to create an evaluation framework to assess the impact of the work.

Business development (B2B)

If you are ready to pivot towards B2B, it is about changing your focus away from yourself towards your client and understanding that B2B is more the Company than the actual product.


You are not selling a product, you are not even selling a service, you are building a relationship.  In this world, digital provides the foundations of personal relationships.

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