To access a tender,

and write your bid,

you must first make sure,

you find the tender.

Each region of the UK has a tender portal.

Proactis is one of the most popular one.

You will need to register and complete your profile.

You will be asked to click the alerts you want,

and from then on,

every time a relevant tender is out,

you will get an e-mail notification.

Prepare to spend a day registering in all portals,

or pay for a portal that puts all the tenders in one place.

Easier but more expensive.

When you get a tender,

you need to write the bid.

The first step is to answer each question exactly as they want.

This means numbers of words or letters per answer.

The first sentence of each answer has to summarise your answer.

Get to the point early and then expand.

Once you have answered all the questions,

once you have made sure that the first sentence of each answer is a clear standalone response to the answer,

once you have focused on facts and impact, 

once you understand that the people doing the tender are interested in what you have achieved, not how you did it,

then you are ready to...do the bid properly.

The work so far was just the first draft which will ensure you get shortlisted.

To win the tender you need a bid that focuses on your unique value proposition.

Have a look at your first draft, imagine that three companies have written the same thing, what else can you add in your bid which demonstrates added value?

All those shortlisted could be awarded the tender, the one who will get the tender will demonstrate:

* added value

* sustainability

Let's face it, someone job's could be on the line if they take the wrong decision.  They need to be sure that your bid:

* meets the criteria

* offers something more than the others

* will demonstrate a sustainable impact for the money they are about to invest.

When you deal with sustainability, quality badges are key.  Do not merely describe your quality badges, explain why they matter to those who tender.


Step 1: make sure that the bid is 'by the book' so you get shortlisted.

Step 2: make sure you offer a unique value proposition to ensure your bid has a chance.

Step 3: make sure you come across as credible: badges will do that.

Strategic notes:

Even if they want innovative solutions,

innovation actually scares them and will go against you.

So make sure that your innovative idea is actually quite well tested and robust.

Those who write the tenders always want what they have always wanted.

It makes sense to get to know them between tenders so that you can educate them in what you do.

This will help them write their next tender in terms which are easier for you.

So what?

Winning a tender, putting in a winning bid requires a specific set of skills. 

Tenders and bids