Sell or market?

If you want to sell,

you will need to advertise.

Your advert will focus on your product's USP.

And it will attract buyers.

You are selling.

Put this advert on social media,

a place where people want to engage,

and your advert just represents a waste of money.

On social media, you can target your buyers.

But they are surrounded by (fortunately for you) poor adverts,

so you do not advertise,

you educate.

You market.

Many products offer solutions to problems that customers think cannot be helped.

So the marketing does not focus on your product,

it focuses on the problems.

Your future customers will relate to that.

You are marketing.

You have even started a funnel.

Those who have engaged can then be introduced to a potential solution to the problem.

That would be your product.

But it is not an advert, it does not describe your product.

It focuses on what the product will do for them.

You are bringing them down the funnel.

Those who have not engaged when you mentioned the problem,

have not found your post relevant,

there is probably something wrong with your post,

rather than the concept of identifying the problem.

The odds are, your post looks like an advert!

So use people with smiles looking at the camera,

use real people,

do not showcase your product.

Once they engage, you will bring them to the second stage described above:

Focus on what the product will do for them.

Once they engage, it is time to offer them a straight advert.

They have been educated,

let them buy.

Now you are selling, but your marketing has widened your footprint,

and you are selling to quality leads.

Some will choose not to buy,

this is their prerogative,

this means it is time to approach them with a special offer.

After all, why not?

Match this approach with your cross-selling,

with your up-selling,

and with judicious use of the contacts you get through your CRM,

and you have a proper marketing campaign going.

So what?

Chat to your Head of sales.  Is s/he marketing?  If there is a gap between what they are saying and the basics above, it is time to see if you have the right skills on board. 

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