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Management consultancy for

Education, Multi Academy Trusts,

LAs and SMEs.


There comes a time when leaders realise that they are ready to think big. This is because they want to change the rules of the game so that they do not keep facing the same problems, or because they feel they are ready for bigger things.


This is where SIS comes in.  


We listen to where you want to go and we establish a plan to do it in a safe sustainable way.  In other words, we make sure we control risk before using the right change management techniques.


Working with senior leaders and deploying robust systematic management processes allows the institution to be the best it can be, and then to unleash the power of innovation to drive their team forward. This is very exciting.


Technically this means a management audit followed by a review of role, responsibilities and accountability. Once this is settled, we discover and implement the power of Agile management. We put in place the systems which will enable you to innovate and we ensure that we build on existing good practice rather than re-invent the wheel. 


Why not get in touch?  As an independent company, you can not only rely on honest advice based on experience, but you can be sure that, unlike other 'stakeholder',  we have no ulterior agenda.


The approach works because we listen and we use processes that are designed to work.


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