It is not the camera nor the 'filters' I use (I don't), but it is the thinking and experience behind each shot and each edit.  So the kit is not key, for me.  If it is, it is because of its own specific UX, its ease of use.  I tend to get better shots if the kit is easy to manipulate.  If the kit is out of this world but difficult to use, by the time everything is ready, the moment is long gone.

100% sharp is good, but I go for emotion every time.  Photography is not about a representation of reality, but an expression of emotion at a specific time.

Anyway, I am always asked so here it is...

When working on dynamic portraits, family occasions and weddings, I love my Olympus, especially coupled with the 90mm fast prime lens.  What I lose on the size of the sensor (not convinced I do), I make up with the stability and clarity of the shot.  It is also my go-to for gun and run videomaking as there is no need for a gimble (IBIS is great) so I do not overpower the talent.  This is even more important during weddings when I can get pretty close with my micro 4 third without actually taking over the stage with loads of kit.  Simple is...more easier to catch emotions...all good.

I do not shoot sport events so the Olympus is fine.

Static? Time for my Nikon.  Not as user friendly as Canons but, when mastered, I believe the quality is better.  For static portraits, as long as the light is good, I prefer using the long zoom lens rather than the fast prime. I know, I know, but it works for me.  My son has used both my Nikon and his Canon and he swears by his Canon so, what do I know?

Static video with total control over lights? Blackmagic 4k it is.  Especially if I am looking for the cinematic look (using Da Vinci Resolve).  But static means blocking (no auto-focus) and the improved quality of the shot can often be done at the expense of emotion...  So I am using it less and less.

When I am happy with the job at hand, I tend to use little equipment.  When I am concerned and am unclear where the customer wants me to go, I bring everything.  So if you see me with bags and bags of gear...we need to talk!