How it works...

Tell us about your project.

  • Briefly outline the project details including your requirements.

  • Contact me at with the details or request a callback.


We schedule a (free) scoping visit.

  • We meet and I visit your place of work.

  • We define your projects and goals together.

  • We agree on the scope of the project (remit, accountability, timing, costs).


When I deal with a complex project, I tend to follow the following step-by-step approach as it is systematic and the outcomes feed nicely into any KPMG audit or Estyn/ Ofsted self-evaluation:

  1. Audit: We show you the evidence of where you actually are.  I use the ISO 9001 management standard as a framework.  This is more thorough than any Estyn or Ofsted approach.

  2. Perform: We demonstrate practical ways of doing more with your existing resources (staff/ budget).

  3. Transform: We demonstrate the transformative impact of embedding a quality management standard at the heart of everything you do.  This is the stage when you regain control.

  4. Pivot: We finally move away from doing well what is not worth doing towards focusing on strategic realities.  This is when you are ready to build your future.

  5. Grow: This is when we leave you.  You are ready to grow quickly and sustainably. Whether you are going for 'green' or are about to open new markets, this is where the fun starts.


We manage our project to full completion.


The whole process can be supported by our state-of-the-art VLE.  We can brand it and integrate it with your own website.


Audit - Perform - Transform - Pivot - Grow

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