Invictusis® leadership course


Strengthen the organisation by deploying High-Performance Distributed Leadership.  Promote accountability, collaboration, innovation and a’ can-do’ attitude. 



To distribute practical leadership skills at all levels of your organisation by empowering key staff.

Target: Middle managers, senior managers and executives.


A course delivered over 1-year period


This course is based on a number of coaching approaches so it is demanding. It will push students out of their comfort zone by forcing them to reflect on their own performance in the light of the needs of the organisation. 


The approach is intensely focused on individuals and each student will get rid of his/her emotional baggage in order to step-up for the good of the organisation.  This is a transformational course based on coaching, not a course aimed at ticking boxes.


The course is delivered using a blended learning approach and follows the following structure.

  • Didactic lessons (What got you here will not get you there)

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Responding to challenges (group workshop: ‘I thank whatever gods may be 

      For my unconquerable soul’.) ​

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Reflecting(e-Learning)

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Directed learning

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Didactic lessons (Removing barriers- ‘I am the master of my fate’)

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Group split into three sub-groups:

    • Early adopters

    • Engaged

    • Extra support

  • Creation of differentiated flight-paths

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Individual coaching

  • Formal feedback/ monitoring

  • Didactic lesson (Performance management & ’I am the captain of my soul’)

  • Individual coaching for Extra support group

  • Final report and way forward document.



ISO 9001:2015

Group size:

Ideally 10- Max 15



  • 1 lead trainer

  • 1 specialist trainer (Police expert when training the police, NHS expert when working with the NHS, Business consultant when working with businesses…)

  • 1 e-Learning trainer


Module 1:   Fundamentals of change management Managing


  • Resistance to change/Starting point/ Integration/ Competitive forces/ Complexity


  • Differentiate between "change" and "transition".

  • Understand how and why each person in a workgroup may experience transition stages differently.



Module 2:   Emotional intelligence


  • Deal with your own negative emotions/ Staying cool under pressure/ Staying proactive, not reactive/ Be assertive/ Express emotions in close relationships


  • Get in touch with your emotions, harness your emotional intelligence and drive team competency.

  • A step-by-step approach to developing emotional competencies will be offered to strengthen you and your team.


Module 3:   Strategic Leadership-Leadership Made Simple


  • Audit, Perform, transform, Pivot, grow


  • This module introduces a proven process called The Framework for Leadership, consisting of 5 questions, which, when asked in a specific order, enable leaders to engage their team in finding and implementing effective solutions.


Module 4:   Accountability that Works


  • Set high expectations/ What has to be done/ Who has to do it/ How it will be done/ Plan for the consequences/


  • A systematic way focusing on a three-stage cycle of accountability, responsibility, empowerment and accountability. 


Module 5:   Crucial Accountability


  • Accountability, systems and challenges


Resolve  accountability issues by determining to deploy a systematic process based on professional challenge


Module 6:   Time Challenged--Developing Effective Delegation Skills


  • Delegate


This module presents a process for delegating so that you get work done through others even if it inevitably involves a loss of control. 


Module 7:  Motivating Staff:  Situational Leadership


  • Effective change management requires planning


This training will teach how to set high but attainable goals while considering leaders’ team member’s willingness and ability to take responsibility for the task. 


Module 8:  Communicating Non-Defensively


  • Understanding vulnerability


Understand how and why people create defensiveness chains that cause serious communication breakdown and ultimately leads to reduced productivity.

This session will focus on key leadership communication skills that will increase your emotional intelligence and reduce your interpersonal conflict.


Module 9:  Conflict Resolution and Mediation


  • Listen and do not judge, acknowledge, options, common ground, decision


Managers will learn when problems can best be solved by mediation and how to use the most appropriate conflict style in any circumstance. 



Module 10:  Sharpening Negotiation Skills:  The Getting to Yes Approach

Focus; What do I want, what do you want, are you sure, what are the obstacles, moving together


•           Separate the people from the problem.

•           Focus on interests, not position.

•           Establish precise goals at the beginning of any dialogue/negotiation.

•           Work together to create options that produce a win-win solution.

•           Negotiate with others who are more powerful, don’t play by the rules or resort to “dirty tricks”.


Module 11: The Leadership Challenge

Focus: Understanding challenge


Leaders need a battery of skills to effectively lead and support teamwork.  A key focus of this session will be on initiating, sustaining and evaluating team mobilization projects.  A final challenge to sustaining teamwork is how to challenge.


Module 12: The Power of Future Conversation

Focus: identifying the coaching moment


This training teaches how to reframe day-to-day conversations so that breakthroughs can occur.


Module 13: Leadership and Self-Deception

Focus:  Understanding your moral compass


This module challenges us to fundamentally change the way we look at ourselves and our interactions with others so we can “get out of the box”. 


Module 14: Leadership From the Inside Out

Focus:  Coaching for leadership


This coaching module focuses on you as a leader and on understanding why you take the kind of decisions you usually take.


Module 15:  Crucial Conversations

Focus: The difficult conversation with the difficult person


Students will be taught the ACTION dialogue method of organising their thoughts before crucial feedback or dialogue occurs.


Module 16:  A Leader’s Role in Team Building

Focus:  From nudging to aligning behaviour


This module challenges leaders to define team purpose, develop skills at creating a strong “teamwork” culture and fostering individual alignment around the team’s mission/goals.


Module 17:  Inclusive Management

Focus:  Inclusivity


This program teaches how to bridge the gap between generations and cultures and shows managers how to avoid conflict and increase productivity in their generationally diverse workplace.