Local Authorities Services

Management review

A management review will highlight your ability to manage change effectively whilst delivering value for money.

SLA review

Poor SLAs with your stakeholders bring about resentment and, eventually, rash decisions which will have a direct impact on your strategic plan.  An audit will ensure that YOUR SLAs are fit for purpose.

School Review Board

When no one can move your school forward, getting an external auditor ensures you are dealing with the right priorities.

Evaluation framework

More and more local authorities work together.  Each has its own Quality Systems and no one questions each other's findings.  Building a common evaluation framework builds on good practice and provides common intelligence to build a coherent business plan.

Ofsted/ Estyn quality review

Providing an evidence-based judgement to map the gap between your business plan,  your recommendations and your leaders' capacity to manage change to bring about improvement.

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