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Many academies do not mean a good MAT

Merging cultures is about focusing on School Development Plans and audits.

Get a free scoping visit

Management systems have evolved drastically and there are a lot of people around using jargon without understanding the fundamentals of running a multi site institution.  I do because I did.  Get in touch and organise a free visit.  You are not inviting judgement, you are potentially harnessing new muscle...

Sharpen your roles, responsibilities, accountability and Quality map

Quality is a dynamic system that empowers individuals to implement change for the better.  All this whilst limiting risk.  

Get an honest and straight forward review of what works and what does not.  Use a desktop audit to reduce costs if need be.

Build a sound evaluation framework

This is key to success or you will for ever trying to keep up with the Ofsted agenda, and you will not be able to.

Manage your data flow: Data goes up, data goes down

The fundamentals supporting an effective MAT are always linked with the flow of data.  The data moves up from the chalk face to the Senior Leadership Team, and then goes back to the chalk face but this time shaped as intelligence. 

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Insight: G&As vs Operating expenses

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Multi academy trusts are riding on the the wave of political support.  And yet a number struggle to leverage the number of academies in their midst to improve outcomes.  This will be terminal for them.  Turning a struggling MAT into a successful one or future proofing one is straight forward...  MATs make sense, but managing them effectively might require a little help.