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I worked as a French/ Spanish/ German / ICT teacher in London, Milford Haven, Fishguard and Bristol for 18 years.

I taught from year 5 to A-Level.

I was director of e-Learning for the Kingswood Partnership in Bristol and the Head of Performance and Standards for Ealing Hammersmith West London College.

I worked for Estyn (Welsh Ofsted) and was a Challenge Adviser for the Central South Consortium in Cardiff.

I am a Governor for a primary school in Carmarthenshire.

I am good at focusing on the important stuff and teaching it simply.  Get in touch using the form below if you have any questions or comments.

D. Esteve

Just in case you worry, I taught from primary to 6th form in 5 different schools over 18 years.

I taught MFL, Sociology and ICT and was Head of Department in 4 different schools before moving on to management.

I was also in charge of the IB in Bristol so I have dealt with all subjects at one time or another.

I was Director of e-Learning in Bristol.  As such, I also had to deal with all subjects.

I was an Estyn inspector in Wales (primary and secondary).

One thing I learnt over this time is that the most effective e-learning platforms are those who enable the students to realise that they are making progress by working from one unit to another. 

Any questions, just get in touch.

Kind regards,

Daniel Esteve

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