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Change management: training

A considerable amount of money is spent on staff training. Whether this is having an impact is doubtful as training rarely changes behaviour.

This is because:

* bad training focus on covering the back of the business rather than empowering individuals;

* good training delivers answers to questions that are not asked.

For good training to take place, the training must provide:

* a hook (why and what is in it for me?)

* relevance to the individual, not the company

In other words, if training is about delivering change, managing change is, in the first place, key.

So why is this information relevant to you and how can you leverage it?

If you are a training intensive organisation stop and think…

Next step:

* If training is about moving a person from A to B, consider training through a coaching approach.

* If training is about changing the business at pace, consider the work you will have to do before hand to hook your people properly in the training phase.

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