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Change management: 4 tools that work

Kanban board:

  • Make sure nothing falls through the cracks

  • Make the decision-making inclusive

  • Ensure accountability lines are clearly understood

Using a Kanban board requires a culture change as it will impact how you communicate in your school. Once in place though you will notice that:

  • Details do not get forgotten

  • Leaders are empowered

  • Problems are raised early and do not rely on you finding our what is going on

Start with the paper version until all your leaders are up to speed. Move to an electronic version after. If you move to the an electronic version too early, it will promote isolation rather than a collaborative approach.


  • when you need to inject pace and empower your leaders

  • Ideally used in conjunction with the Kanban board

  • Split tasks into 3 categories:

  • Housekeeping: regular task

  • Deliberate: 3 week focus

  • Immediate: Emergency

Too many immediate tasks mean poor planning

Report template:

  • Leaders are always keen to showcase their work. Asking for a report will very often lead to a descriptive text about their work.

  • Hand out a template instead:

  • Where were you?

  • What did you aim to do as a result (not how you did it)?

  • What are the results now (ie what was your impact)?

  • What do you intend to do as a result?

  • What is your expected result?

If you give the template as an excel sheet, you can easily copy paste them and feed them into your SER/ SDP process


  • A Quick way to find out whether any child is being lost on the way.

  • In a staff (teachers) meeting give each teacher a list of their pupils and ask them to rag their progress in English/ Welsh and numeracy:

  • Green: is working according to expectations or above

  • Amber: is working below expectations

  • Red: Cannot answer

  • Get the coloured pens back and ask staff to identify their pupils as

  • Core

  • MAT

  • SEN/ ALN

  • Ask to work out data:

  • % green Core

  • % Green MAT

  • All findings back to the SLT for checking

  • There should be no gap between targets and ragging results. If there is a gap, now is a good time to find out why.

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