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Easy sentences for leaders

The following sentences have been doing the rounds in the social media recently.

1. "Please"

2. "Thank you"

3. "Tell me more"

4. "I'm proud of you"

5. "What do you think?"

6. "It's your call"

7. "You're doing great"

8. "We're all in this together"

9. "I trust you"

10. "I'm sorry" 11. "I don't know"

12. "How can I serve you?"

Whether these sentences work or not depend on the type of leader you are. According to Rooke and Tolbert, if you are an opportunist (cage fighter leadership style), a diplomat (leading is about keeping everyone happy) or an expert (you know best and emotional intelligence is not your strength) then a lot of these sentences will create problems further down the line.

However if you are an individualist (adept at connecting), a strategist (you are thinking about your school as a whole) or an alchemist (driven with a high level of empathy and moral awareness) then the 2 key sentences have to be:

1. "Tell me more"

2. "What do you think"

They encapsulate distributed leadership and accountability

Estyn document on leadership best practice: English Cymraeg


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