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Engaging parents

First things first: Do fewer things better and do not forget the obvious


  • Engaging parents is a national priority

  • Engaging parents makes sense to increase some pupils’ life chances

Possible initial steps:

  • Clear the first hurdle and check your entrance: Is it welcoming or forbidding? Are there any easy wins?

  • Is the responsibility for promoting parental engagement drive clearly allocated or is it part of someone’s ‘catch-all’ remit?

  • Is the parental engagement drive organised around challenges? What can you do which requires parents, pupils and staff to work together?

  • Social events are good to get parents through the doors. An approach based on a common challenge will keep them coming back.

  • Adopt a long perspective. To get the unwilling, be ready to build a community of the willing first.

  • Keep track of numbers going through the doors and outcomes from day 1

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