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Personalise independent learning


  • How do your subject leaders promote independent learning? Do they have a systematic approach? Do they integrate it at the planning stage? How effective is it?

  • Could an SLT learning walk focus on independent work during carousel-type lessons? Could the walk focus on the following questions:

  • Are the explicit learning objectives restrictive or challenging?

  • Is there a point to the independent learning task?

  • Is prior learning taken into account?

  • Is independent learning personalised?

Possible next steps:

  1. Ask your subject leaders to explain in writing how effective their work to promote independent learning is. If their report is descriptive, ask them to re-write it focusing only on the impact. Some probably will not be able to do that but the resulting training session will be gold-dust.

  2. Have a ‘carousel-day’ where everyone in the school uses this technique (it is used most of the time so this should not be a problem).

  3. Ask your deputy (and governor?) to carry-out a learning walk during carousel-day. Ask for a report on the independent learning task (as they fit for purpose for all pupils?)

  4. At SLT, see if there is any gap between what the subject leaders think is happening and what is actually happening.

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