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SDP/ SER: Ensure your data flows correctly


The focus has been on the SER and SDP/SIP for a while but they answer the priorities of so many stakeholders (Welsh Government, Consortia) that they sometimes miss key elements.

Possible next steps:


  1. subject leaders to present on no more than an A4:

  2. Situation at the end of 2015

  3. Actions during 2015-2016

  4. Impact of the actions at the end of 2016

  5. Plans for 2016-2017

  6. Senior leaders to present on no more than an A4:

  7. Overall situation at the end of 2015

  8. Overall actions (or lack of) during 2015-2016

  9. Overall results at the end of 2016 (this is done already)

  10. Strategic issues for 2016-2017

  11. SLT/ SMT to consider the senior leaders’ report and build the bones of the SDP and the targets associated with the next round of the performance management process.

  12. Identify draft priorities

  13. Schedule the work

  14. Report to your governors and identify milestones

There is, of course, more to SER and SDP than that but if the above processes are missing, then you might be spending time doing well what is not worth doing in the first place.


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