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Strand 2 of the DCF

Focus on strand 2 and improve achievement.


  • Knowing how to store data is a useful technical skill. Knowing how to collaborate is a life-enhancing skill.

  • Can subject leaders identify the specific tasks in their scheme of work which will require pupils to collaborate in order to achieve a higher purpose? What is the overt stated aim of the task?

  • Could the strand 2 be dealt with through the independent learning agenda?

  • How is technology supporting collaboration?

Possible next steps:

  • Staff meeting: What collaborative task has worked well in your lesson?

  • Identify the best non ict based task

  • Project : Teacher, subject lead and ICT lead to identify how this (already successful task) could have been made even better by leveraging collaboration tools.

  • Following staff meeting: Feedback from the project

  • SLT: identify way forward

Link to dcf guidance: DCF

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