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Newsletter October 2016

Welcome to Heads-up, the newsletter for headteachers in South Wales. I am privileged to work with many headteachers. It allows me to see which management strategies work and which ones don’t. This newsletter provides an insight into what schools are doing to improve achievement.


1. Personalise independent learning 2. Get to grips with strand 2 of the Digital Competence Framework 3. Engaging parents? 4. SDP/ SER: Ensure your data flows correctly 5. Change management: 4 tools that work 6. Planning for Estyn and the 2017 categorisation process: The Quality calendar 7. TES digested 8. Easy sentences for leaders

1. Personalise independent learning Do your staff really understand the link between personalised learning and independent learning? Here is how your subject leaders can assess how well your school is doing.

2. Get to grips with strand 2 of the Digital Competence Framework Of the four strands, strand 2 is the game-changer. Here is why focusing on strand 2 will improve achievement. 3. Engaging parents? As you know, engaging parents requires a multi-faceted approach. If you are working on this now, here is a useful starting point.

4. SDP/ SER fitness for purpose Here is a pragmatic and effective way to ensure your SER/SDP process works for your school first and foremost.

5. Change management: 4 tools that work

  1. A Kanban board: use this effective management tool to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  2. The SCRUM technique: ensure you implement change at the right pace by using the SCRUM technique.

  3. A report template: provide an easy way for your middle leaders to report on the impact of their work.

  4. The RAGGING technique: use Ragging to help your staff distinguish between achievement and attainment.

6. Planning for Estyn and the categorisation process Effective planning is the first step to being a successful leader. Get to grips with your Quality calendar. 7. TES digested Here are some articles that may be of interest to you and your senior leaders. 8. The two most important sentences for leaders Twelve sentences have recently been documented in the press, but only two really matter. Click here for more.

Thank you for reading this newsletter, I hope you have found it useful. The above themes will be explored in further detail in the next issues Feel free to circulate this newsletter to your colleagues. If they would like to receive future newsletters directly, please contact me.

With best wishes, Daniel

Daniel Esteve School Improvement Services Cymru



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