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Found: headteacher's spirit.

I found a headteacher’s spirit yesterday. If it is yours please let me know and I will post it back.

After having had a good look at it, I am pretty confident it belongs to someone who has the intense understanding that the pupils in their school only have one chance at education. This can be a difficult weight to carry and probably explains why the spirit is crumpled in some places. The spirit’s owner is clear about leadership but leadership often does not take place as management issues get in the way.

It is clear that the owner of the spirit is very aware that planning for the future is increasingly getting side-tracked by short-term priorities. However, the number of knots on the spirit indicates that its owner is now understanding that hoping to do fewer things better is a futile endeavour. A shiny brand new part of the spirit confirms that its owner is starting to realise it is not about doing fewer thing better, it is about improving capacity exponentially.

The owner of the spirit has good instincts and is curious about new possibilities. Sometimes the owner of this spirit accept s/he is probably on a wild goose chase but s/he is uncomfortable when the possibility of being left behind arises. The owner accepts that innovation is necessary, whether it comes from the school next door or a school on the other side of the world. The USB port on the spirit is a bit rusted, the owner of the spirit has not pushed the ICT boundaries for a while.

The softness of the spirit confirms that the owner has a good gut feeling about what high standards are but acknowledges that often, instead of aiming for the stars, aiming to cope is all that can be done. The owner of this spirit is passionate but this passion is often hidden by stresses. As a result the owner of the spirit sometimes mixes up what is work (paid to find a solution) and what is stress (gets in your way but there is no control over it).

I have the feeling that I might only have part of the spirit. Let me know if it is yours and I will send you the rest if I find it.

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