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Categorisation: the real meaning of Red

The meaning of red is simple: you have a mountain to climb.

The problem with being 'red' is that it allows a lot of external agencies to push initiatives in your school. In a lot of cases these initiatives are deployed to convince someone else that 'something is being done about your school'.

The interventions answer to political needs rather than your school needs. And that is a problem for you.

Your challenge is therefore to make the difference between the support offered which will help you do your job and the support offered which frankly gets in your way.

This is your school and your vision is going to be your life saviour. If you cannot see the woods for the trees, get some help. If you are experienced and have lost your confidence, get a coach. If you are new in the job, get on the phone to an experienced head.

When your school is red, there are multiple agendas at stake. Focus on delivering impact and proving outcomes and you will be fine. This will mean that you will have to stand your ground...

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