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Categorisation: the meaning of Green

The meaning of green is that, for a while, you own your future. This is the time when you can shape your future and think strategically and think about long term.

You know that federations are on the horizon so now is a good time to think about it and build relationships with other schools. Get ahead of the curve and shape your future.

You also know that as a green school, you will be asked to take a pro-active role in supporting other schools. This is an excellent time to use this external pressure to your advantage and learn from others. Be aware though that you will often be asked to support a school and not only get involved in a mess which has nothing to do with you, but it is a mess that some powers that be are keen to put at the feet of someone. If you are asked to help out, have a clear SLA in place and only move forward when you are happy.

The good news is that more and more schools are now moving to the yellow and green categories. This obviously mean that the current categorisation will soon have to be tweaked to redress the balance. So if you are green, only just, it makes sense to pay attention to future-proofing yourself against criteria which are bound to get tougher.

Green is about using the space to stay ahead of the game. If you have made it to green and are confident that your existing processes will maintain you there...maybe it is time to think again.

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