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The governing body

Food for thought.

Just a quick recap of the fundamentals a governing body must understand in order to have a positive impact on their school. 2 years old but still relevant as I have just found out...

Contents of the attached document:

Good to know: Key priorities (local and national imperatives) 1. Reducing the impact of poverty:

 Comparing attainment for FSM pupils and non-FSM pupils, what was the gap last year?

 What is it likely to be this year?

 Is the gap getting wider or narrower?

2. Raise standards in English/ Welsh:

 What does this actually entail?

3. Raise standards in numeracy.

 What does this actually entail?

4. Improve the quality of leadership

 How systematically is leadership reviewed?

 Can the head explain how s/he intends to make the school ‘excellent’?

 Is the deputy providing the much-needed muscle?

 Are the teachers with a TLR post able to lead their area and present their findings to the curriculum committee?

5. Improve the quality of teaching and assessment  Are learning walks taking place? What is being learnt? What is their impact?  Are lesson observations taking place? What is their impact?

 How are pupils assessed?

 How do pupils take part in the assessment process?

6. Improve attendance rates in primary and secondary schools:

 96%?

7. Ensure that there is a quality cycle:

 Actions are deliberately planned:  The impact of these actions is reviewed systematically:

 The subsequent actions needed are identified


Click here for the document

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