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Let’s face it. Governors want to help but they do not always know how to help. Some have honed their management skills to a very high level and they are knowledgeable enough to know that giving advice which has not been requested does not always go down too well.

So a Governor is an un-tapped resource. Make a point of having one attached to your area and explain the rules of the game. Your job is simple:

 find out at what level all the pupils in your area are performing;

 know at what level they should be performing;

 identify the gap between where they are and where they should be;

 create a project to bridge this gap, manage the project through planning (project

management plan);

 monitor the impact this plan is having on outcomes.

Once there, share your ideas and concerns with your governor. This might be the

moment when you need to listen carefully. If your governor cannot bring anything to the party but enthusiasm, use him/her to challenge you regularly on the impact on your management. Make sure you minute the process and this will be gold dust for the next self- evaluation/ Inspection.

Alternatively, your governor might bring something totally left of field to the table…. Why not? Get in touch if you want your governors to access proper training.

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