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Desktop audit

Multiple Academy Trusts (MATs) are complex entities. Identifying the gap between where an academy thinks it is and where it actually is, is normally done by a time consuming audit which relies on a lot of face-to-face interviews. This is expensive and not always practical. There is another way.

SIS can now audit a Multiple Academy Trust via a desktop audit.

What is a desktop audit?

A desktop audit is conducted in three phases. The first phase is a high-level documentary review of policies, procedures and student results. It is designed to verify that a MAT has developed a structure which identifies clear roles, responsibilities and accountability lines. This phase questions individuals by using specifically designed interactive questionnaires. There are four focus:


* Middle management

* Teachers

* Support staff

This phase also verifies that all schools in the MAT keep appropriate documentary proof of their quality systems in order to demonstrate compliance in the event of an inspection.

The evidence from the first phase shapes an initial position paper of the second phase. This is used to challenge the leadership. This enables initial lines of enquiries to be be covered at depth.

The third phase is a calibration exercise which is made out of learning walks. This finally brings context to the report and identifies areas which might have been missed.

The fourth phase represents a face-to-face feedback of the report to the SLT.

Get in touch if you think that such an audit would help your MAT future-proof itself by enabling it to pro-actively deal with its challenges.

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