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End of project review part 2: for a biker, I have learnt a lot about selling cars in a (very) large

The younger customers are leading the digital charge. They expect your product to go to them and if it's not accessible on the phone, then it is not accessible. So how do you use social media?

When the average younger customer walks onto the forecourt, nearly half have already made their decision.

So one-half of your younger customers will be looking for the pain-free experience. They are looking for the reassurance. They have the car and/or the brand in mind, the salesman has to reassure them that they have indeed found the right all-encompassing solution.

The other half is thinking about the technical aspects of the car. Engine? Check. Radio? Check. So how will it fit in their life? Yes, the conversation is about the customer's life experience and how the car will fit in the whole picture. Indeed, how it will enhance their life. Car salesman? Zen life coach you mean and this could well have implications for your training.

The third half will of course not fit any previous categories... If you want to evolve your business to tap into different profit sources, you will need to master your data...

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