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Finding your school's management pivot: Management audit

An audit (or school diagnostic review) will highlight structural weaknesses in your management.  The audit follows the line of the ISO 9001:2015 management standard.  The general findings are sumarised in Estyn-speak or Ofsted speak so that they can contribute to your self-evaluation.

Change management

Change management techniques will help you move the school from what it is to what you want it to be. These techniques focus on what needs to be done before you can initiate change safely. This step is often forgotten and as a result, managing change is harder than it needs to be. 

Leadership and management tools

Your senior leadership team is motivated, works hard but tends to re-invent the wheel. They control their work through their sheer presence and energy but they are not systematic. This is not sustainable.  


Leadership and management tools will help them.

Accelerated Growth programme- Building on distributed leadership to develop the High Performance Leadership Team (HPLT)

Are you waving or drowning?  Time to get your leaders together and identify the gap between where they are and where they should be.


This module must have a follow up.

Coaching: Challenging by sequencing questions in order to overcome barriers

People who struggle are often doing well what is not worth doing and ignoring fundamentals.  


The GROW model is not always the best way forward.  I focus on Identifying the existing performance, contrasting it to the team's performance and mapping a way forward.


Three 1 to 1 coaching session will clarify their drive and direction.



Governor support

Governors do not have to go to courses where their awareness is increased.  They need to know what to do, when to do it and what to do when things do not go as they expect.


Train them with practical tools and they will become an invaluable driver for the school.

Emergency support

If you are faced by a tremendous challenge you must deal with quickly, it is time to bring in reinforcement.

Home schooling support

You are about to start the most exciting adventure anyone could ever have... Or you are already well on the way.  Do it right and your child will do better than anyone else.  

Get in touch and get some practical support.

Building adviser

If you are involved with the birth of a new building, you probably do not know what you are letting yourself in for.  If you do not want to end up with a building which is going to keep you awake at night, get in touch.  I have worked with many new buildings, both before they got built and after they were handed over.

Cluster support

The cluster is ideally placed to provide school to school support.  However, it needs to be stronger than the sum of its parts to be effective.  This means having a vision and clearly defined communication systems.

Review how your cluster is doing and identify ways to move forward.


Effective e-Learning can support your pupils and boost achievement.  It needs to be integrated as part of the wider curriculum and not all tools are equal.  Review the effectiveness of your e-Learning provisions or deploy a state of the art platform to boost attainment.

Have a pupil tracker custom built to your requirements

Sometimes, commercial school-trackers do well what is not worth doing and do not do what you want them to do (integrate in the SER/ SDP cycle for example).  If you are at the point of wanting your own system, get in touch.

Introduce French or Spanish safely

As an  MFL adviser for 10 years, I am particularly well placed to provide safe language curriculums to primary teachers who would want to introduce a language but are a bit scared of 'getting it wrong'.

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