End of project review: 5 things that mattered when removing obstacles to growth.

May 15, 2017

A lot of (very) late nights and a lot of difficult conversations but we have made it!  We have just finished a massive project. Roles and responsibilities have been reviewed and the business has found its pivot.  Making room for innovation is integrated into the weekly planning.  But what have we learnt?


1: Collaboration is good... up to the point.  When accountability is clearly defined, there comes a time when individuals have to be to be told to get on with it.  When accountability is not defined, collaboration can be used to hide management sins.


2: Use data to challenge your judgement but accept it only reflects what you are looking at.  Data can drive group-think so beware.  Having said that, if you do not have the data, live, about everything you do, then your judgement is more about perception, guess work, than rational thinking.  First things first...


3: Disrupting the market is usually about doing very well what others...are not considering doing.  Do you want to disrupt the market with your product?  You mean you want to compete...


4: To reduce stress, consider reducing empathy.  If there is a problem, deal with it.  If there isn't, crack on.  Empathy can lead to wallowing...  Empathise behind closed doors...


5: Move your HR person from your back-end to the forefront of  strategic work.  They will be the ones who have the power to transform your business...  They need to know what you want.  HR specialists are strategists, not managers.



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