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The content of this platform is free for all. 

You will need:

1) a Gmail account (free)

2) To contact me at and I will invite you to all the subjects

3) Then you will be able to access everything from the home page on this site.

It is appropriate for year 6 to year 9 students. 

Let me know if you want to access the GCSE revision material.

The content is a mix of personal content, Ted-Ed content, BBC Bitesize content and other websites. 

I acknowledge them and actively promote them if the student needs more practice. 


I often find that their content describes the content without really organising it in a step by step approach. 

They also sometimes include content that is great but distracts from the fundamentals. 


So I  have reorganised the content to make progression easier. 

It only focuses on the fundamentals: good as an introduction and good for revision. 

Most units have a link to a youtube video and a quiz. 

Sometimes the videos are 'stand-alone', sometimes they are integrated into the work. 


The work file is usually organised with a content section and then, a quiz.


The quiz usually highlights the key content before asking the questions. 

In other words, it just does not merely present the content, it provides a practical way to learn it.

These are the sections so far:

* Biology

* Brain (Extension work and useful advice if you struggle in a subject)

* English

* Excel (Learn Excel to make your life easier)

* Maths

* Physics

Do cover the units from the start as the content is graduated from one unit to the other.

If you have access to a French speaker, I can also give you access to:

* French

Some units are linked to a 'hold on' page. 

I will make them accessible after a test of previous units to make sure students do not race through the content without remembering anything.

Once you have access, it is up to you. 

Do the work and I will track your progress and mark work that needs marking. 

I will not chase you. 


Do not hesitate to contact me via this form.

I can easily organise a hangout session if you need more help or advice.  More on me here.

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