SIS Cymru  focuses its work on small to large Education institutions and SMEs.


We work in partnership with our clients and, by delivering a transformational management structure, we improve the organisation to lead, adapt and innovate.

SIS Cymru  has designed and implemented multiple programmes that have helped senior leaders grow their organisation by doing more, with less, and doing it faster whilst improving the lot of the workforce.


By focusing on your biggest challenges, we help you understand emerging risks and opportunities to inform and challenge your strategic thinking. 


We work with clients to design, build, and launch innovative solutions that mitigate risks, capitalise on opportunities, and pivot your company to have an impact on your bottom line, whether it is financial or linked to results.


We bring to market a very distinctive proposition: we create new sources of revenue by linking Agile management and Quality Standards to promote growth through innovation.


Using disciplined methods, we bring a unique blend of strategy and operational expertise, human-centred design methods, and organisational know-how to meet our clients’ most pressing challenges.

SIS demonstrates the future of consulting.  Day in, day out.